Renting in New York can be a great experience.  But because the rental process is not standardized, and because many of the initial negotiations take place on a verbal or informal basis, often without legal representation, entering into a lease without experienced support carries a high risk.  Further, leases are often by their own terms a “Four Corners” document, meaning that the terms as written are what control, and any verbal agreements that are not in the lease have no force and effect. So often what is agreed to in the apartment or the hallway is not what ends up in the lease.

As a real estate attorney, I am knowledgeable about both the statutory requirements and contractual terms that govern rental agreements, as well as the practical realities and interactions that often create the greatest tension and issues between landlord and tenant.  My advice can be the difference between a pleasant experience for both tenant and landlord, or a hostile and combative tenancy that harms both parties.  And having represented both tenants and landlords in legal proceedings, I can add value to rental transactions whether in service of an individual seeking a rental property, or a landlord seeking tenants.  So if you are interested in finding a place to rent, or renting out a property that you own, contact me today to discuss.

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